Tips for hanging picture frames

Framed photos or other works of art are an important tool for shaping the style of any space. So, what photo frame to choose, how to use and hang it? It is best to hang large enough framed objects that would not disappear in the common space of the room or, if we have a few smaller frames, group them into a gallery of frames that maintain a solid style.

More about photo frames and their types and materials in our next article, here we will provide the basic rules for hanging photo frames: It is advisable to hang photo frames in the most visible places or in the place we want to emphasize the most. Suitable for places above sofas, beds, fireplaces, stairwells, corridors.

Experts advise to choose a frame of a size that will occupy the length by multiplying the length of the wall by 0.57, Use the following formula: [wall length] x 0.57. A group of multiple photo frames must also match the expressions in this formula.

Once you have determined the required width of the photo frames, you need to decide at what height to hang them. The height must be such that it does not disrupt the proportions of the wall and fits nicely into the overall layout of the room. It is advisable to follow the formula: (145 cm + half the height of your picture) - the distance to the top of the frame. Thus, the ideal hanging height of a photo frame is considered to be 145 cm from the ground or the center of the image.

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