Photo frames with mats: when and how to use them?

For those who are not interior designers and rarely think about photo frames and their types, mat is an unheard of word. Passport is 1.5mm paper made of high-quality cellulose, on which a framed photo or picture is glued in various ways. It can come in a variety of colors and dimensions. Who needs a speedboat? It’s like the second frame of a photo or work of art, which beautifully accentuates and gives meaning to the photo or picture and allows you to create a mood. It is as if a space is created between the framed work and the frame, which gives the work its charm. The mat performs not only an artistic and stylistic function in framing the works, but also prevents the work from touching the glass, protecting it from moisture, dust and other negative environmental influences. When choosing a speedometer, it is important to know the purpose of its use. A passport of neutral colors will create a bright space around the image and highlight the framed object. Brightly colored passports will expand the space, so they are usually used to create a playful mood, making them suitable for supporting children’s drawings, posters or graphic works.

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