About Us

MB Amzona is an e-commerce company in Lithuania, that sells various home decoration and household goods online. These are photo wallpapers, home decorating frames, canvases, paintings, room separation systems.

Our trading field includes trading in our e-shop on stokas.lt and Amazon, Ebay platforms.

We always pay great attention to the quality of goods and customer service, therefore all the goods in our electronic store stokas.lt are made in the European Union. This allows us to control the quality of goods and better serve customers - provide guarantees for goods, ensure fast delivery. Some of the goods are in our warehouse, the other part is sent directly from the manufacturers with whom MB Amzona has a contract. In addition to trading activities,

MB Amzona's activities also include assistance to those wishing to trade online, i.e. creating e-shops, accounts on Amazon and Ebay platforms.

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